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  • 客服熱線: 95505
    電 話: 1010***8(車險直銷電話)查看完整號碼
    總 機: 0216***7878
    電 話: 0216***0159
    舉報電話: 0215***3255
    地 址: 上海市 浦東新區浦東大道1號


      Founded in October 1994, Tianan Insurance Co., Ltd. is China’s first commercial insurance provider created under the modern enterprise system according to international standards. As of today, it is headquartered in the Pudong District of Shanghai and has over 56.48 billion yuan in registered capital.
      Completing its nationwide network in 2005, it currently has 32 regional branches, 257 municipal-level subsidiaries and 862 local business offices, covering most of China’s administrative regions, excepting Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macao, Tibet, Qinghai, Ningxia and the Inner Mongolia.
      The past 20 years have seen rapid growth in the scale and scope of Tianan’s business. Thanks to its competitive product line, advanced IT systems, high-precision ratemaking measures, strict quality and environmental control systems, efficient customer service system that includes a national call center,it has provided underwriting services for a large number of key national development projects and has earned highly positive customer approval and brand recognition.
      On the strength of over 13 thousand employees and tens of thousands of sales representatives, Tianan has grown into a large modern financial institution. Its core qualities and brand image have helped it won numerous distinctions, including, but not limited to, the Top 500 Enterprises of China, the 10 Most Trusted Property Insurance Companies in China, the Best Brand Award for Insurance Companies in China, the Top 10 Trustworthy Brands in China’s Insurance Market, China’s Model Unit for Business with Integrity and Credibility, the National Model Unit for Corporate Culture Construction, Shanghai’s Model Unit and, according to the famous journal The Mundell, the Top 10 Insurance Companies in China.
      In the next 5 years, Tianan will concentrate on implementing five key strategies: (1) Renovating distribution channels and improving profitability of our underwriting business; (2) Creating an asset management subsidiary and expanding the scope of our investment business; (3) Pushing for conglomeration and IPO; (4) Developing no less than 10 branch offices as leaders in local markets; and (5) Creating advanced IT, underwriting, auditing and customer service systems. We firmly believe that, with strong support from its shareholders and the board of directors, and with diligent efforts of its employees, Tianan will rise again to create more value for the society and its shareholders, clients and employees.
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